Going to Greece and Finding a home: Chapters 1-3

I hope you were able to meet our lovely greyhound visitors on March 2! They were very sweet and well-behaved, and we hope they’ll come  back to the library. They were both much better behaved than Roger, the family dog in this book!

A few questions about the first three chapters:

1. Did any part of the book make you smile or laugh? If so, which parts?

2. What about the settings? Did you enjoy Durrell’s descriptions of England and Corfu?

3. Which family member did you relate to most?

4. What did you think of Spiro? Why do you suppose he took this family under his wing?

As always, comments are welcome, and so are further questions. Don’t forget we’ll be having a total boox get-together on May 4, with Greek snacks! More details to follow. Stay warm!

Mary Johnson

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